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The best way to use this website is in collaboration with your local community. If you are a parish councillor click here to register interest for your parish.

Or you can go it alone...

Work through the Actions, learn about the environmental cost of the day-to-day things we all do, and reduce your carbon footprint as you go.

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How to get started

Browse through the Action sections to find the ideas that interest you, click on the Actions to find out more, choose those you can get started on, and step into action!

As you click on the buttons on the Action Cards – they will disappear and show up further down the page and in the My Actions tab. So, it is easy to see how many you have looked at!

There are lots of Actions to choose from. Each one shows the likely cost: (FREE, £, ££, £££ or ££££) and the potential emissions reduction (low , medium or high ).

Make a start today?

Influence politicians by making "The Commitment" and show them how important it is to you that climate change and the natural world are higher up in the political agenda.

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The Actions you can take

We have over 60 Actions that you can choose from split into 8 themes.

We understand that there are actions you won't be able to commit to at this stage, so choose the ones that feel easy - so you can get started straight away...

Want to do more but can't right now?

If you would like to choose an Action but need more help to get started, then click on the "Not Right Now" button and tell us more. It may be that you need extra advice, finances or support? Sending information about why you can't complete an Action will be useful for your Parish Council - so they know that local people need more help in order to get active.

To find out more about getting your Parish Council involved with The Great Collaboration click here.

How about dipping in once a month for the coming year?

By regularly choosing Actions that feel easy (...and getting started on actually doing them!) you will begin to reduce your carbon footprint and your effect on the environment.

Sharing your Actions - and sharing this website - with your friends, family and neighbours will make it feel easier… we’re all in this together, so let’s work together.

When your local Parish Council signs up they will also benefit by gaining understanding about which actions local people are most interested in doing - so they can help us all along the way with more support and incentives. To find out more click here.

Who is this platform for?

The platform is for everyone! Log in as yourself, your family, your organisation and/or your business and start making a difference in all aspects of your life. Just let us know at the start who you are completing it for.

Why does all this matter?

There is wholesale agreement that humans are having a catastrophic negative impact on the planet. The gov.uk website states that Climate change is happening and is due to human activity, this includes global warming and greater risk of flooding, droughts and heat waves".

Alongside this we are facing huge losses in animal and plant species both in the UK and across the globe.

Many national governments have signed up to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions which scientists agree are causing these problems, and many county and parish councils have declared "Climate and Ecological Emergencies".

As individuals, businesses, organisations and communities there are many ways in which we can take actions in support of these local and national commitments. By using this online tool you are part of the solution!

What needs to be done?

We need to drastically reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere from human activity.

The main greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide so actions to reduce its release into the air are often called carbon reduction actions (as the burning of things which contain carbon such as oil, gas and other fuels, result in carbon dioxide).

But there are other greenhouse gases, such as methane, so we also talk about "emissions reduction".