Reducing Carbon, Together

In 2019, The Great Collaboration started working with local communities to help everyone to act on climate and nature.

Our online platform is home to the Greener Footprints Toolkit, a collection of actions that you can use as tools to reduce your carbon emissions.

How does the Greener Footprints Toolkit work?

  • Register with us.
  • Choose your carbon reduction actions.
  • We'll give you advice and support to achieve them.
  • We share anonymous information with your Parish Council to help them paint a picture of what residents in their area are doing.
  • We'll work with your Parish Council to develop a local carbon reduction plan.

What actions can you take?

We've identified more than 60 different actions you can take, and added them all to the Greener Footprints Toolkit, with options suitable for all individual circumstances.

Why is it important?

By signing up and using the Greener Footprints Toolkit, you’ll be inspiring local action, showing support for a healthy planet and influencing what help is needed in your community.