Each of our action categories are important in their own way.

Zero flights for me!!

I will take zero flights for the next year

Be smart about car travel

I will research, plan and implement at least 5 smart driving initiatives.

Go on a flight diet

I will fly 30% less than last year

Join the Electric Vehicle trend

I will commit to buying a second hand or new electric car or van as my next home/business vehicle

Choose an efficient vehicle

I will commit to buying a smaller/ less polluting vehicle that uses the least energy per mile driven when I next change my home/business vehicle

Make it a car sharing journey

I will share my journeys twice a week for the next year

Get on board with public transport

I will use public transport at least once a week

Use your feet (and knees…)

I will make half of my usual short car journeys (up to 2 miles) by walking or cycling for the next year

Join a Car Club!

I will find out about community (electric) car hire / sharing clubs in my area - and if there is one, join it!

Take the road less travelled...

I will reduce my car miles by a fifth this year