Use Your Voice

Each of our action categories are important in their own way.

Vote for a healthy planet!

I will commit to vote for the politicians who will prioritise climate change and the natural world

Lobby for Climate Action!

I will join a local and/or national group to lobby for change

Tell your MP what you want!

I will send a message to my local MP to let them know how important it is for climate change to be included in every decision

Use your parish/town council power

I will contact my parish/town Council to find out if they have declared a Climate (and Ecological) Emergency and have a Carbon Reduction Plan and ask them to join the Great Collaboration Towards a Zero Carbon Herefordshire

Join the Herefordshire Green Network

I will join HGN and encourage my parish council and any groups that I work with to be part of their growing and thriving network

Hands-up for low carbon workplace pensions

I will lobby my employer to opt for a pension fund which makes investments in low carbon industries and boycotts fossil fuel companies