Each of our action categories are important in their own way.

Switch it! ( renewable electricity)

I will switch my home or business energy provider to a 'green' tariff for electricity

Swap to LEDs for lighting

I will check out my lighting and replace high energy bulbs with low energy LED bulbs this year

Timing is everything!

I will get to know the best time of day to turn on my appliances and switch my usage to the time with the least emissions from energy generation

The solution is in your underwear

I will wear more clothes and turn down my heating this year

Bye-bye to standby

I will turn off all of my devices at the wall when they are not being used every day

Switch it! (… Gas)

I will switch my home or business energy provider to a 'green' tariff for gas

Draught busting - to keep your heat!

I will get to know my home or building and seal up at least half of the draughts this year

Know your heating controls... and turn them down

I will turn down my heating by 1⁰C, and find out the most efficient way to run my heating system

Make a Whole Building Plan

I will make a Whole Building Plan for my home (and / or business premises) this year and start to implement it

Insulate it!

I will review all insulation options available for my home or building and complete at least half

Buy efficiency - and save money

I will buy the most energy efficient appliances that I can afford and make long-term savings

Make friends with your appliances

I will check out the most energy efficient setting for all of my appliances and make sure that they are all working to their maximum efficiency

Monitor that electricity usage

I will buy or borrow an electricity monitor and actively monitor and manage my usage of every appliance I have at home/workplace this year